The initiative deals with Brazilian German-language collections that have not been sufficiently researched until now. Such materials are kept in museums, libraries, archives and private collections and have great historical, cultural and literary relevance.

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dbp digital

The dbp digital project – German-Language Press in Brazil aims at discovering, preserving, digitizing and making available German-language periodicals located in Brazil. Eventually, users will be able to visualize these periodicals in digital format, as they are systematically cataloged. We give higher priority to documents from the time period of 1836 to 1938, with its specific themes.

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Der Pionier


Rolândia Collection

The collection formerly located in Rolandia’s German Club was kindly donated to UFPR by Mr. Klaus Nixdorf and Mr. Pedro Bernardy. The presence of this collection attests to the importance of the town of Rolândia in the process of German settling in the state of Paraná and the high value that is given to literacy and intellectual formation.

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Composed of professors, administrative staff and both undergraduate and graduate students at UFPR, the team of the dbp digital project works across areas such as Language and Literature, Computer Science, Information Science, Library Science, Image Processing and Web Design.

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The content of this site and all its pages are only for educational and research purposes and general information. All works made available here are in the public domain.


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